Apple Jacquie
apple cinnamon cake w/ vegan cream cheese frosting
Abby's Carrot Patch
spice cake with carrots & currants topped w/ vegan cream cheese frosting
Chris' Berry Blast
strawberry cake topped w/ mixed berry infused frosting
Cookies for Carter
vanilla cake mixed w/ chocolate sandwich cookie bits and vanilla frosting topped w/ crushed chocolate sandwich cookies
Drea's Famous Sweet Potato
spice cake made w/ sweet potato puree and vegan cinnamon-sugar cream cheese frosting
Lana's Café Mocha
coffee infused cake w/ a hint of chocolate topped w/ mocha frosting & chocolate drizzle
Lia's Chocolate Drop
beet infused dark chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting
Nora's Lively Lime
fresh lime cake topped w/ coconut-lime frosting and graham cracker crumbs
Mac's Lemon Delight
lemon cake topped w/ lemon zest frosting
Ms. Chung's Funfetti
'butter yellow' cake swirled with multi-color vegan sprinkles, topped w/ pink vanilla frosting...and more sprinkles
Red Velvet Rani
beet infused red velvet cake w/ vegan cream cheese frosting
Tahiti's Sweetie
coconut cake swirled with pineapple bits and pineapple coconut frosting
Stef's Classic Vanilla
vanilla cake w/ vanilla frosting


All flavors are available as cupcakes, layer cakes or cake jars.



Big Fat Sprinkle

Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin